Tribe Studio

Boone Murray House - Tribe Studio

Tribe Studio Architects (Tribe) was created in 2003 by Founding Principal, Hannah Tribe. The firm works in residential architecture, with an intensely site-specific approach that is particularly sensitive to client-requirements. Each house project is a reflection of client interests and aspirations, celebrating the poetics and prosaics of the domestic. Tribe has developed a portfolio of award-winning houses that are architecturally ambitious, sustainable and beautiful. Tribe’s work in medium density housing and urban design is underlined by the belief that residential and domestic architecture can transform the character and sustainability of the city. The portfolio ranges from experimental, award-winning urban intervention to work in the luxury apartment space of waterfront Sydney. Also working on urban, cultural, research, education and speculative projects, Tribe has developed an architectural methodology that can be applied to any building type. Each project begins with a full-team design charette, harnessing the team’s youthful enthusiasm and inventiveness, tempered by age’s wisdom and the prior experience of the team across all areas of the discipline. Tribe’s design approach is energetic, optimistic, informed and rigorous. The studio is actively involved in furthering design excellence through conference presentations, lectures, exhibition installations, architectural education and design competitions. Tribe’s built work is widely published.

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